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Indore Samachar - Classified Ad Rates

Rates for Classified Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Editions Min Line 5 Line Rate(Rs.) Extra Line Rate (Rs.) Classified Display Ad Rate(Rs.)
Mumbai 5 750 240 250
Pune 5 245 49 145
Nashik 5 125 25 40
Aurangabad 5 100 10 30
Kolhapur 5 120 20 45
Nagpur 5 130 10 40
Jalgaon 5 50 10 30
Ahemadnagar 5 35 10 30
*Schemes are applicable for only Recruitments ads
Indore Samachar Advertisement Rates

Note : The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

Indore Samachar - Obituary Ad Rates

Rates for Obituary Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Editions Classified Display Ad Rate(Rs.) (Min Sixe 3X5) Double Coloumn Display Ad Rates (Min Size 6X5)
Mumbai 275 275
Pune 125 125
Nashik 75 150
Aurangabad 110 110
Kolhapur 75 50
Nagpur 80 80
Ahemadnagar 40 -
Jalgoan 80 75
obituary ads

Indore Samachar - Public Notice Ad Rates

Rates for Public Notice Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Editions Min Size Classified Ad Rates (Rs.) Display Ad Rates (Rs.) Min Size 4 X 5
Mumbai 3X5 150 1175
Pune 3X5 116 485
Nashik 3X5 50 120
Aurangabad 3X5 50 150
Kolhapur 3X5 50 45
Nagpur 3X5 50 135
Jalgaon 3X5 50 100
Ahemadnagar 3X5 50 35
Public Notice Ads

Indore Samachar - Display Ad Rates

Rates for Display Advertisement w.e.f. 1st June, 2016

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm

Editions Base Rates Back Page Page 3 Any Specified Page Front Page
Mumbai 1665 455 333 167 833
Pune 800 240 160 80 400
Nashik 265 50 53 27 133
Aurangabad 235 70 47 23 133
Kolhapur 130 40 26 13 65
Nagpur 315 90 63 31 158
Jalgaon 150 30 30 15 75
Ahemadnagar 100 15 30 10 50
*Schemes are applicable for only Recruitments ads
classified recruitment ads
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Indore Samachar Ad Rates

Indore Samacharis a hindi Newspaper Daily that is published from Indore, delhi and Bhopal it provides general news.

Riyo advertising agency accepts all types of advertisement for Indore Samachar Newspaper.

Get Special packages & discounted ad rates for:

  • Indore Samachar Classified Lineage / Display
  • Indore Samachar ‘Display ads
  • Indore Samachar P3 / P7 / P5 ads
  • Indore Samachar Front & back Page ads
  • Indore Samachar Quarter Page ads / Half Page ads / Full page ads etc.

Riyo Advertising takes up ads in all categories in Indore Samachar

Change of name ads in Indore Samachar

This is among the most circulated newspaper and hence makes a good choice of placing the change of name ad in Indore Samachar. Riyo advertising has the best rates to offer while you make your change of name document and your ad. We also have various formats ready to suit your choice of ads.

Obituary ads in Indore Samachar

Placing an Obituary ad? Look for a leading newspaper to send across the message. Choose Indore Samachar newspaper to place your "obituary ad”. We at Riyo Advertising will lend you a helping hand and do the job for you. Lost & Found ads in Indore Samachar: It is very much necessary that you look for a leading newspaper while wanting to place an ad for your Lost article .Choosing Indore Samachar newspaper to advertise your "lost and found" ad will give you a larger reach . Riyo Advertising accepts ads for all leading newspapers across India.

Matrimonial ads in Indore Samachar

Your search for the right partner should reach the furthest. It is a well know newspaper serves as advertisement purpose. Reach the maximum number for Matrimony Intenders directly, or even match makers. Place your ad through Riyo Advertising in the matrimony section. See our rate card, make your selection on the type of ads.

Recruitment ads in Indore Samachar

Source the right manpower by placing a recruitment ad. You may want to choose Indore Samachar newspaper; for it is a newspaper which has a big time circulation. Choose from various types of ads, size to formats at Riyo Advertising. Depend on Riyo advertising for all your Recruitment ads.

Tender Notice Ads in Indore Samachar

This is amongst the most circulated newspaper and hence makes a good choice to advertise your tender notice ads in Indore Samachar. Advertise all your tender notice here to attract the highest and best bid. Book your ads through Riyo advertising and get the best rates/offers.

Property Ads

Buy a new house/property or rent it out. Whatever be, Place an ad in the property section to get the best clients for your products. Book your property related ads through Riyo advertising for Indore Samachar.

Appointments ads in Indore Samachar

Book your ads in the Appointments section in the Indore Samachar, through Riyo advertising. Call us now! We have various Rates/offer to suits you!

Indore Samachar ad Rates for 2018-19

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