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Public Notice Ads

Public notice Ads: As the name suggests, is a notice to the general public, and not addressed to anyone in particular. There are various kinds of public notices having to do with different matters. The reason why it should be put in a Newspaper is: A public notice is to reach large number of people to serve it purpose. Newspaper as a medium of communication, reaches out to the largest number of people.

Some of the common scenarios for public notice ads:
  • Making a property deal
  • Father / mother dies without making any nomination
  • Dispute in the family due to property matters
  • Claim against legal heirs of the property
  • Property on Auction
  • Public Notice investigating the title of the property
  • Cancellation & Termination of Property Agreement
  • Public Notice ads in Newspapers for Dissolving of Oral agreement between Purchaser and Seller

A public notice ad is placed in a newspaper in order to invite objections, if any. This ad can be placed by individuals or companies, whomsoever. It is as per requirement, supposed to be placed in an English language newspaper and another in a Regional language. In case of an objection, a deal or an auction cannot proceed until it is won over. However, as of today a public notice ad is nothing more than a formality.

We at Riyo Advertising will make it easy for you. Depend on us for all you public notice ads. Do contact us on phone or email, and we will be glad to assist you.

Types of Public Notice Ads

  • Lost and Found (Public Notice ads) -

  • Share Certificate Lost (Public Notice ads) -

  • Change of Name (Public Notice ads) -

  • Divorcee Notice (Public Notice ads) -

  • Redevelopment (Public Notice ads) -

  • Legal Notice (Public Notice ads) -

  • Gift Notice (Public Notice ads) -

  • Tender Notice (Public Notice ads) -

  • No Affiliation (Public Notice ads) -

  • Office shifted (Public Notice ads) -

  • Property (Public Notice Ads) -

  • Government (Public Notice Ads) -

  • Bank (Public Notice Ads) -

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  • We accept Payment by Credit/Debit Cards & Net Banking, Demand Draft, Cheque, Cash etc (All Indian Banks).
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The following do not form part of Public Notice category
  • Allot tees list by housing development authorities
  • Housing schemes results (LIG, MIG, HIG)
  • General display with mentioning of scheme, results etc.
  • Registration of houses
  • Allotment of houses & industrial plots
  • Registration of industrial plots for allotment
  • Sale of application forms for housing schemes
  • Registration for housing scheme starts from XYZ date
  • Registration closes on X date
  • Draws of allot tees
  • Enpanelment of dealers at various locations by Oil companies like IOC, BPCL etc.
  • Requirement of dealers at various locations by Oil companies
  • Bank or any office change of address notice

Libelous advertisements

Advertisements containing defamatory statements against any person or photograph of a person without the consent of such person cannot be accepted. Consent must be obtained in writing as a proof to be provided when required

Public Notice Ad Sample

Lost & found public notice Ads

Lost and found public notice ad sample

Share certificate lost Public Notice Ads

Share certificate lost public notice ads

Bank Public Notice Ads

Bank public notice ad sample

Redevelopment Public Notice Ads

Redevelopment public notice ads

Property Public Notice Ads

Property public notice ads

Legal Public Notice Ads

Legal public notice ads

Gift Public Notice Ads

Gift public notice ad sample

Change of name Public Notice Ads

Change of name public notice ads

Office shifted Public Notice Ads

Office shifted public notice ads

Q : When is a public notice ad required to be published ?

A: As per government rules, a public notice ad has to be release in a local and English newspaper. Therefore it is necessary to do a public notice ad when buying a property or regarding anything to do with legal matters etc. The best person to approach for a public notice ad is a lawyer

Q : Do I need to provide any documents to publish a Public notice ad?

A. Yes, the advertisement copy is required to be on a lawyer’s letter head.

Q : In which newspaper should I publish Public notice ad?

A: We at Riyo Advertising, accept all kinds of public notice advertisement for all newspapers across the country. we request you to email your requirement / ad copy on we will guide you further. However, if you are keen to place in Mumbai newspaper s , we have suggestions like The Times of India, Maharashtra times, Navbharat Times, Economic Times, Free Press Journal, Navshakti, Gujarat Samachar, Mumbai Samachar, Hindustan Times, Afternoon Newspapers.

Q : What are the charges for Public notice ads?

A: The Charges for public notice advertisement varies as per its size . If you ad fits in small size like 4 Cm X 5 Cm it may cost just Rs 2000/- in some papers like Free Press journal / Afternoon. However, for exact clarification provide us with your exact advertisement content.

Q : I have lost my passport. Do I need to publish it in public notice ad section?

A: Yes , you can release your passport lost and found public notice ads in newspaper, you have to produce a photocopy of FIR. Mail us. we will guide you further procedures

Q : Do I need to pay immediately to book Public notice ad?

A: Yes. Once you have confirmed the advertisement sample prepared by us , the next procedure is to make the payment , which you can do online. We have online payment gateway where you can transfer the public notice advertisement payment from home / office.

Q : Can we book online Public Notice Advertisement?

A: Yes, you can book online Public Notice Advertisement. All you need to do it to provide us with the Ad content (whatever you want to advertise).

Q: How long it takes to advertise Public Notice ad ?

A: In case your ad content (whatever you want to advertise) is ready, we can complete the task within an hour’s time. The same ad we can get it published in the next day’s newspaper, if you so wish.

Q : What is the ad size of public notice ads?

A : An ad size of public notice ads , vary from publication to publication. In The times of india , the public notice advertisement size under classified starts with 3 cm width and minimum 5 Cm height . And in Free Press journal it starts with minimum 4cm width X 5 Cm height. If the ad content is emailed to us , we can give you the best cut rates .

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