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"Birth & Death is not in our hands, but expressing our feelings definitely is"

"We would like to stand by you"

Let’s understand the need for “moral support”. The real essence of relations lie in understanding human emotions. Death, is one of it’s kind where we are supposed to show our emotional support to the suffering, to the one who is in pain of having lost some one very dear. Let there be no boundaries for the Emotions to flow, because Peace is something we humans strive for. So, let’s come together, both in “Births and Deaths”. Rely on Riyo Advertising, for your soulful Obituary related ads. We would like to stand by you

....Place an Obituary Ad because..

Obituary ads are placed in the fond memory of someone whom we have lost or have some fond memories. You may not be able to inform all your relatives about the death, so an ad will serve the purpose for you. Here’s a sample of an Obituary ad : Expired on: 1-12-2010, Marka Ceremony on 3-12-2010 , Bet. 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm at X XX S.V. rd, Mumbai. Deeply Mourned By Relatives & Friends Mob: 988XXX989XX

There are also many other rituals attached to death like third day & thirteenth day which is also a time that your relatives & friends would like to be by your side. Isn’t that what friends & relatives are for?

Obituary ads are of different type

some of which are mentioned below.

  • Death Announcement : Obituary Ads -

    You need this ad to make a death announcement. That’s simple and straight.
  • Sad Demise : Obituary Ads -

    This ad is also to also make death announcements however, thisObituary ad isusually chosen in cases where someone passes away in unnatural circumstances .
  • Chautha : Obituary Ads -

    This pooja ceremony is on the 4th day after death where family members and relatives gather for "Shanti path" and "Geeta pravachan".It is concluded by Bhajans. The purpose is to remember the departed one, and most importantly , to remember the good deeds left behind by the departed soul. There is also a belief wherein a 13 day mourning is carried out by some families, inorder to propitiate the noble soul.
  • Marka : Obituary Ads -

    Marka" is a ceremony performed by the sindhi community in the loving memory of the departed soul. Marka adsare given as initiations for this ceremony.
  • Condolence : Obituary Ads -

    It mean expressing your words of sympathy to someone who has lost a dear one . At such an unfortunate event you may think of placing an Obituary .
  • Remembrance : Obituary Ads -

    Its "Remembrance" Obituary ads ( and not the "Remembrance Day" which is associated with people who died in wars) . This "Remembrance" here in India , plainly refers to someone who has passed away and is being rememberd.Yes , you can remember someone on a particular day in a year and call it a remembrance day. You can put an Obituary add titled "In Remembrance" to my Father or mother , or any close relative ; because you remember that person on this particular day of the year and wish commemorate the anniversary.
  • Bhog Ceremony Ads :

    In Sikhism , bhog may refer to the blessing or offering of food which has been cooked and ready to eat. Bhog generally refers to the sublime pleasure enjoyed upon the ceremonial completion of a SahejPaath ,Sadharan Paath, or an Akhand Paath, which is the continuous uninterrupted reading of Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism's holy scripture and everlasting Guru.

Do's and Don'ts regarding Classifieds Advertising

DO attach a Copy of the death certificate from a registered doctor should accompany all Obituary classified advertisements

DO NOT mention "Cause of death" or reasons like "accident" in obituary ads.

DO NOT use the Obituary advertisements for grievances - e.g. Death due to dowry, medical negligence by hospital / doctor

YOU CAN mention prayer meeting timing , telephone numbers and addresses as part of the advertisement.

We, Riyo advertising, are here to stand by your side in these can rely on our customer care team on +91 22 6770 4000 / 67706500 / 9821984000 or email us on

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While you take care of loved ones let us take of the responsibility of informing everyone. We have our in-house expert team who can guide you in this matterbecause a king (our customer) has many more tasks to achieve & keep calm.

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For your concern. we have attached link of obituary page epaper for last week. which will be helpful for you to get obituary quotes online and see obituary advertisement appeared in last one week.

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