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Business is an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit.

Business Ads :

As we know that business is an organization which can start off either as a proprietary, partnership or private limited company & it can’t function without a vision or mission. Every business starts with an intention to grow & hence needs a lot of visibility to the market about either its goods or services. This is where business ads play a major role in enhancing your brand in the market.

Why do you need a business ad :

Business Ads in the newspaper go out to a large number of people so that you are able to present your goods or services through business ads to your target base. Newspaper ads are always considered to be the most genuine form of advertising & hence you have a better change to advertise or sell your product & services not only in big cities but also small villages.

What does business ad do for you :

► Creates Brand Value :

Branding these days is an important aspect in every business. For example all the mobile phones are manufactured mostly in china but you would still choose a Samsung over any other Indian company. This is what branding can do for your business.

► Builds Relationship with your Customers :

They are the people who are the end users of your product & services. To reach to a larger audience it is important to rely on business ads in the newspaper rather than the other sources. Your ads speak to the customers & inform them about your company.

► Creates a space in the market :

These days, being transparent is very important & communication is the strongest tool to being transparent. Business ads create a space for your products or services in the mind of the customers and the general public. It can also lead you to attracting the right talent into your organization as you grow because a prospective candidate knows all about your company.

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Types of Business Ads :

► Generic Ads :

These could be ads informing your customers about the general information about your products or services. e.g. What you offer? Advantages and Offers, etc.

► Visual Ads :

These could be ads in which you would like to showcase your product looks or the reach of your services or the various channels which can be used to avail of your services e.g.: Direct contact or through your website or various other ways.

► Announcement Ads :

These could be ads in which you would like to make an announcement to the general public of your customers about a new product or service launch. It could also be regarding a sale or discounts that you may want to offer.

Following are the some example of Business Proposal Ads in Newspaper:
  • Business Proposals ( B2B / B2C Ads in newspaper )

    These are the Business Proposal Ads, which usually feature under Business Proposal Heading in Classifieds and Display Classifieds Column. Under this, any reputed firm / organization can publish their business plan and invite franchise / business offers to their desired target audience. Business Proposal is one of the ideal business categories in the newspaper where a huge amount of deals get done.
  • Business Offer ( Business Ads )

    Business offers is the category, where corporates comes up an idea which they directly communicate with the end user for any specific deals. This is one of the major and fast responsive categories of newspaper, where the newspaper readers are quite aggressive and keep an eye when and where the new opportunity will come so that they can grab it.
  • Investment / Finance ( B2b / B2C Business Ads )

    Under investment business ads category, usually the advertiser comes up with a proposal of investment in their respective business, so they can expand and the investor also gets benefit. In this category, ads are specially designed for investors. There are many investors in the market who keep looking for investment in good companies/ organization. So this is a very ideal business category to reach out to those investors.
  • Builders and Developers ( Business Proposal Ads )

    In India the construction business is on boom & a lot of builders and developers are growing. Builders and developers need lot of vendors and construction related material to complete fulfillment of desired projects. They advertise Business ads under this column and communicate their line of business to related target of audience.
  • Franchise / Agency for Sale

    Every business needs expansion. As India is very vast and wide geographically, if any organization wants to expand to each and every part of India, they have to put agency / franchise business proposal ads in newspapers. These ads can attract small/mid-sized entrepreneurs who could take advantage & become a franchise with this business opportunity.
  • Commercial Premises

    To expand, business needs place & in this column ads can feature for those who have commercial/industrial space & want to give it on lease/rent.They can advertise their business commercial premises ads in this column so that those who are interested can get the opportunity to grab the space & complete the deal easily.
Some other Business Ads categories are mentioned below
  • Business Directories ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Business information ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • C&F Agencies ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Commission Agents ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Computer Software ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Consultancy ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Courier Services ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Electrical Equipment ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Hotel for Sale ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Hotel Project ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Internet & Web ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Live Stock ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Machinery & Tools ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Paints & Chemicals ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Patent & Trademark ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Printing & Publishing ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Warehouses ( Business Ads in Newspaper )
  • Wholesale ( Business Ads in Newspaper )

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